Monthly Archives: November 2013

SRA issues guidance on Cloud Computing

The SRA has issued guidance to law firms on the use of cloud computing.

The guide aims to assist firms to understand their obligations when it comes to exercising due diligence in controlling the risks of such outsourcing systems and ensuring that Outcome 7.10 of the SRA Code of Conduct as well as data protection requirements are met.

The SRA’s new guide Silver Linings: cloud computing, law firms and risk can be accessed here.

SRA Guidance – Silver Linings: cloud computing, law firms and risk

SRA updates Risk Outlook

The SRA has updated its Risk Outlook, adding to the issues identified when the Outlook was first published in July.

The Outlook is the SRA’s assessment of the most significant risks that the Authority anticipated having to manage over the coming 12 months. The Authority promised to publish regular updates and additional risk assessments throughout the year.

This has now been carried out, with the Outlook update produced alongside other documents on subjects such as group contagion and financial stability.

Those wanting to download any of these publications should visit the Risk resources page.

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