Cyber Crime and Fraud Prevention

Are your staff able to recognise potential cyber fraud?

Do you know what to do if your firm has fallen victim to a cyber attack?

Online crime is widespread, diverse and increasing at an alarming rate. Law firms are particularly attractive targets as they handle large amounts of money, commercial information and sensitive client data.

We carry out a comprehensive on-site cyber crime and fraud risk assessment that looks at all of the systems and processes in place across your firm. Following the risk assessment, you will receive a detailed written report highlighting areas of possible weakness and offering practical solutions.

It is a common misconception that cyber crime is usually directed at poor technology controls. Human error is often the weakest link and the cause of the vast majority of the worst security breaches.

We provide cyber crime and fraud prevention training, covering

  • how cyber crime affects you and your clients
  • current developments
  • how to recognise cyber crime and fraud attempts
  • measures to protect your firm’s assets and
  • what to do in the event of an attempted or successful fraud.

Following our visit, you will also receive a bespoke cyber crime and fraud prevention policy to give everyone in the firm practical advice to pre-empt breaches.

Finally, we will also provide you with a bespoke cyber attack / fraud incident management plan to help you in the event of a successful attack to minimise damage and bring about the best possible result in rectifying it.

Learn more about our extensive training programme to help you ensure your staff understand their responsibilities under the SRA’s Standards and Regulations and are able to prevent fraud and money laundering.