New Law Firm and ABS Applications

Are you considering setting up a new law firm or an ABS?


Let our team of ex-SRA experts project manage your application process.

We are proud of our 100% success rate in guiding both “traditional model” new law firms and Alternative Business Structures through the SRA application process. Whatever your business model, we project manage your application from the beginning through to obtaining authorisation.

All our consultants are former SRA compliance experts and have a deep understanding of the issues which will be particularly significant in the SRA’s consideration of your application. We are therefore ideally placed to take you through the application process and to put in place bespoke compliance systems to ensure you are fully prepared for practice. We will also support you with compliance advice and assistance on an ongoing basis.

We offer a complete package to assist with all or any of the following as required:

  • advice and assistance with drafting your business plan, financial projections and corporate structure;
  • assistance with obtaining professional indemnity insurance;
  • completion of FA1 – Firm Based Authorisation Application form, FA2 – Individual Approval Application forms and all other SRA application forms as required;
  • calculation of application fees;
  • liaison with SRA Authorisation team on your behalf;
  • assistance with answers to follow up questions raised by the SRA Authorisation Officer and requests for any compliance-related documentation;
  • review of compliance requirements;
  • provision of bespoke compliance systems, policies and procedures.

Learn more about our bespoke approach to helping you achieve compliance with the requirements of the SRA Standards and Regulations and associated legislation.

We are delighted to have received our authorisation to practice as an alternative business structure – something we couldn’t have achieved without Richard and his team. It’s been great to have them at our side to guide us and smooth the path. It’s been a pleasure to work with them every step of the way. Richard put us in touch with his contacts in the insurance world to arrange PII cover and assisted with the completion of the application forms. He took care of the SRA application process, completed all the forms and liaised with the authorisation team on our behalf, responded to queries and progressed the application through the system. Richard has put together a set of bespoke compliance systems, policies and procedures for our team to use. We look forward to working with Richard and his team in future.

Gary Verschuur, Director,

Richard was instrumental in helping us get SRA approval and guided us through the extremely complicated SRA forms, he is quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable in his field. I would not hesitate in recommending him to law firms needing an expert in compliance.

Eliot Hibbert, Managing Director, Nexa Law

We have recently completed the application process for our new law firm and working with Legal Compliance Services made a huge difference. Richard dealt with the entire process and provided clear guidance and expertise throughout. He also reviewed all of our compliance requirements and drafted easy-to-use systems, policies and procedures for us. It has certainly made the whole process a lot more straightforward and pain free. Having Richard and his team at the other end of the phone gives us great peace of mind and we look forward to working with them in future.

Emma Kirkaldie-Clay, Principal Solicitor, Bellwether Solicitors

Throughout the application process for our new law firm, Richard’s support and practical guidance has been invaluable – from the completion and submission of the application and supporting documents through to drafting suitable responses to further queries from the SRA. We would not have gone through this whole process as smoothly without Richard’s expertise and knowledge. He is a pleasure to work with and provides a professional service with a personal and friendly touch. I look forward to working with Richard and his team in the future and definitely recommend Legal Compliance Services to any of my colleagues who are looking for support and advice.

Irfan Arif, Principal Solicitor, Noor Law

Richard has provided invaluable support and practical guidance throughout the entire application process for our new law firm. He is extremely thorough, has an excellent understanding of the process and a fantastic insight into how the SRA might consider certain aspects of the application. He has always been at the end of the phone and quick to send detailed responses by email. We look forward to working with Richard and his team in future.

Jill Sloan, Principal Solicitor, Wessington Law

It has been a pleasure to work with Richard on the application for our new law firm. His knowledge and expertise proved to be invaluable and ensured that we went through the entire process smoothly. The compliance systems, policies and procedures Richard put in place will enable me to fulfil my roles as COLP and COFA with confidence. It is good to know that Richard and his team are only a phone call away.

Jude Owen, Proprietor, Jude Owen Solicitors & Advocates