Trainee Solicitor Recruitment

Are you looking to
strengthen your team?


Why not recruit a
trainee solicitor

Have you considered recruiting a trainee solicitor?  The current market favours the employer. We undertake recruitment exercises for firms and know how to attract a high number and standard of individuals that are seeking a training contract.  Many of the trainee applicants we select, have several years of paralegal experience, especially in conveyancing and PI work, and are sufficiently competent to be able to start fee earning as soon as they begin their training contract.

The downside to the high number of potential trainees seeking contracts is the time and cost of recruitment. We save firms several days of work by organising the advertising and initial review of applications which, depending on the location of your firm, can often number in excess of a hundred.

One of our solicitor team members then interviews the shortlisted candidates and provides you with a shortlist for second interview.

We have been working with Legal Compliance Services since 2012, and when Andrew offered to help us with the recruitment of a trainee solicitor, we didn’t hesitate to get him involved. Andrew knows and understands our firm and we trusted him completely to help us find the right person to complement our team. He prepared and arranged the advertising for us and reviewed around eighty applications. He liaised with the candidates and conducted two days of first-round interviews at our offices. He then supplied us with a shortlist of seven candidates including their applications and first-round interview questions and scoring sheets. We were so impressed with the quality of the candidates that we decided to offer training contracts to two of them.
Mike Ingamells, Partner, Grove Tompkins Bosworth